Question of the week No.9

from member of jury, Mr. Tomáš Crla from member of jury, Mr. Tomáš Crla, business partner, company TEFCO.CZ:

What is your relationship to water as a woman?
Since we are manufacturers of Gold Water, how do you personally imagine the connection of these elements - gold and water?

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TOP 8 SUPERFINALISTS of Miss Princess of the World® 2019:

Argentina - Estrella Celeste Bonifacio

Today I am very concerned about the availability of drinking water. I am currently struggling because in the field where I grew up, our water is being polluted because of the poisons producers use for their benefits. They are leaving us without our most important treasure. It is our duty to generate awareness and take care of water, since there is not enough on the planet, and every day is getting more polluted. In Argentina, we are very fortunate to have such a large source of drinking water available. Gold is very valuable and appreciated as much as fresh water, which is why many people call water "Liquid gold".

Australia - Riley Ellan Aston

Water is very important to me because hydration is an integral part of staying fit and healthy. Water is a crucial part of anyone’s existence, as it cleanses and hydrates the body. I imagine the addition of edible gold to water would initiate a homeopathic-like process to purify the water and add extra minerals to benefit the consumer.

Brazil - Ana Beatriz Oliveira da Silva

For me, the two are similar. Just as gold is a valuable element, water also possesses its extreme preciousness, for without it there would be no life. This is why I believe there is a connection between the two.

Czech Republic - Adéla Kašpaříková

Water is the source of life and there will be probably nothing without it - no animals, no people, no life. Of course I have a really good relation with water. But we mostly consider it to be an obviousness to have enough water for every day. I would say that water is actually our gold because it is priceless and we could not live without it. And because of that my opinion is that putting the water and gold together is an interesting idea because it would be nice to show the connection between these two elements as a proof of the importance of water which is nicely symbolized there with the gold into it. And maybe it would make people think more about the greatness of it. That is how I imagine the connection between these two elements.

Guyana - Jasoda Ramlagan

Water is essential for life and it is very important to us in our daily life to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think that water is a very precious element and so is gold.

Portugal - Priscila Silva Alves

Drinking water daily is important for overall good health - drinking water gives you a radiant, healthy, younger-looking complexion and helps your body and skin to get rid of toxins. In one of my trips to Egypt I learned that egyptians used gold in their medicines and for healing - gold has been ingested for many to purify not only the body, but mental and spiritual state. I believe that the connection of these two elements can be very stimulating to restore vitality, energy, youth and health.

Slovakia - Barbora Fakundinyová

Water is one of the most important element we need. It is necessary...Connection between gold and water means to me purity, nobleness and something special.

Ukraine - Kateryna Kachashvili

Water is the basis of human life. It helps women to be beautiful, with the right drinking regime, the skin is always hydrated, toxins are removed, energy appears, to remain slim. Popular wisdom: "Water is worth its weight in gold", because even the richest man with full pockets of gold cannot go through the sultry desert without a sip of water. Without water, there is no life on Earth, and without gold, everyone can live!

SUBSTITUTES of Miss Princess of the World® 2019:  

Estonia - Viktoria Skljarova

I was always the person who constantly drinks water, in fact, it is the only liquid I drink besides the tea, which is 90% of water as well. I believe that water is our everything, priceless resource of the mother Eart that is the basic need for the survival. As we know gold is an expensive resource as well, so comparing water with gold has a direct meaning of uniqueness and privilege.

Malta - Bernadette Bajada

Malta is surrounded by sea so I have a strong bond with water as on our islands we spend so much time swimming during summertime. In regards to drinking water, it is one of the most important beneficial things for a healthy lifestyle, not only for a model but for everyone and drinking a lot of water should be included in everyone’s daily routines from a very young age. Gold is a precious possession for the human BEING whilst water is a precious possession for the human BODY so I agree that these two elements are both important and bond well together and should be considered of equal importace.