The aim of the project is to support the creation and search of new business relationships in territories where it is very difficult to establish traditional business cooperation without detailed knowledge of local customs, rules and personal relationships.

An international cooperation affects all of us. Despite the long distances, we all are interconnected and various worldwide products have become our daily need. We drink beverages from cans made of alumina which is mined in Australia, we wear shoes made in Europe, eat fruits from South America, Europe, Asia, we build machinery of steel processed in Asia, we wear clothes from African cotton and live in houses built of North American wood. We take it for granted, but before we can enjoy these products and materials, the traders must find a suitable partner, negotiate prices and goods deliveries through a network of relationships. Seeking new business relationships is often exciting game for each trader, but can bring also great risks from ignorance of the new territory, its local conditions and customs. To play this game means to try new challenges and excitements of international trade, get the best price for the goods you are selling or buying, find a suitable and reliable partner, place products in new territories, ensure payment guarantee and find appropriate financing.

Before you begin thinking about what you want to achieve in business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to build so much wealth, how much I am able to get from the sale of my goods or provided services?
  • Do I want to buy the widest range of products to satisfy different preferences at home?
  • Do I want to focus on the raw materials purchase for certain industrial sectors?
  • Do I want to work with partners having the possibility of mutual experience exchange?
  • Do I want to bring my products into new territories?
  • Do I want to expand my product portfolio with new products unknown so far on the existing market? Am I looking for new markets for my products and services? Am I looking for an appropriate financing of my projects?
  • Do I want to find a financially stable partner?

The only possible constraint is your imagination, negotiating skills and financial partner!

BUSINESS FORUM on the occasion of the WORLD FINAL of  MISS PRINCESS OF THE WORLD® traditionally offers business partners:

  • A unique opportunity to establish contacts and cooperation with representatives of embassies, chambers of commerce as well as foreign companies.
  • Non-traditional meeting with presidents of national rounds, jury, partners, distinguished guests and finalists.
  • Media presentations, web presentations, newsletters and social networks as an opportunity to present the event’s partners.
  • Workshops, information stands in the form of the services and products presentations of companies as well as individual partners.
  • Teleconference with foreign partners as a tool for a live interview with potential business partners from remote destinations providing possibility to establish business cooperation.


In 2020-2022, the project was affected and limited by the covid crisis together with the war in Ukraine, associated with economic sanctions. 

In 2023, based on the decision of the presidium of the competition, business activities within the PRINCESS BUSINESS FORUM were transformed into a separate project under the name PBF PLANET and again started active activities and cooperation with business partners.


The participation of accredited business partners, foreign guests, ambassadors and representatives of the embassies, the world MISS. The Cultural and Economic Diplomacy Forum, focused on business and corporate clientele, focusing on co-operation with foreign entities, helping and establishing new business relationships with international partners.

As part of the cruises, a series of events focused on the participating business and corporate clientele and on meeting the local business and corporate community at individual stops was also implemented.


17. - 25.06.2023      MSC EURIBIA, Copenhagen-Hellesylth/Geiranger – Alesund – Flaam - Kiel 

27.01,2023          Ježkův statek, Nová Paka, Czech republic 

01. - 02.09.2022      Vráble, Topolčianky , Slovak Republic 

02.04.2022           Hotel Vitality, Třinec, Czech Republic

03. – 10.07.2021     MSC SEAVIEW - Kiel– Visby – Stocholm – Tallinn 

17.09.2021           Šiklův mlýn, Zvole nad Pernštejnem, Czech Republic

15.02.2020          Dům Kultury Kroměříž, Czech Republic 

21.09.2019          Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport - NATO DAYS 2019 

20.09.2019          Areál Vinařství u Kapličky, Zaječí , Czech Republic

19. - 26.05.2019       MSC BELLISSIMA,  Genoa - Naples - Messina - Valletta - Barcelona - Marseille

04.10.2018          Areal CBJ LIBROS Ostrava, Czech Republic

04.10.2017          DB SAN ANTONIO Hotel, Quawra, Malta

14.10.2016          Prague MARRIOTT Hotel,  Czech Republic

10.10.2014          ČEZ ARÉNA, Clarion Hotel, Ostrava, Czech Republic

24.05.2013          Arcibiskupský zámek Kroměříž, Czech Republic

06.07.2012          Citadella, Budapest, Hungary 

30.09.2011          TOP Hotel Prague, Czech Republic

19.06.2011          Villa Jamele, Orsara di Puglia, Italy 

26.03.2009          Slezské vinařské centrum, Ostrava, Czech Republic