MISS PRINCESS OF THE WORLD®  is the official name of the international contest in girl’s beauty and communication skills for girls of 16 to 26 years of age. The aim of the competition is to unite the lowest female age category. The experience of this event and the interest of collaborating organizers from around the world have shown the viability of this project. The diversity of disciplines (from interesting performances, promenades to mobile communication with the Internet), in line with the gradual hosting of the final of the competition in various countries of the world, has all the prerequisites for reaching out to young people around the world.The uniqueness of this event lies in the reality that it not only evaluates parameters such as beauty or measurements, but furthermore it evaluates communication skills, brilliance and natural charm.


The girls must be single, childless and with a minimum height of 172-175 cm. They must have the citizenship and permanent residence of the country they are representing. They must be able to communicate in English and they must be able to use the PC and the Internet, and they cannot be finalists of any previous edition of this contest. Only one girl and one substitute from each country can participate in the contest. In a country where isn´t released the National Selection of Miss Princess of the World, a girl have to enter to the QUALIFICATION through the official website of the competition.


The girls compete COMPULSORY in the following contest´s disciplines:

  • Introduction, interview - short introduction of the girl, or answering of questions in one of the world's languages, as a priority in English, as this is a communicative language of the contest's production towards the girls. On the basis of the Central organizer´s decision also another world language could be assigned.
  • Look, promenade – a promenade in national costume (Best National Costume), promenade in swimming suit (provided by the organizer), a promenade in gowns (provided by the organizer) and a promenade in an own dress (at best in a gown by the designer from the girl's country).
  • Mobile communication - Works on PC using the Internet or other knowledge-based discipline with the communication means.
  • Miss PHOTO or such other accompanying entertaining competitive disciplines according to the instructions of the direction and dramaturgy of the TV program.

Furthermore, the girls compete in VOLUNTARY disciplines:

  • Miss TALENT - Free program or theatrical presentations - ready, maximum one minute lasting entry (preferably 30 to 50 seconds) of any field of the girl's activity.