A beautiful snowy February morning, with amazing views of the highest Czech mountains; that’s how magically the first day of this year’s PROMOTION world winners Miss Princess of the World in the Czech Republic began. For the current World Champion, Priscilla Silva Alves from Portugal, and her colleague, Kateryna Kachashvili from the Ukraine, the MISS ON THE SNOW 2020 started a day full of adrenaline activities and winter experiences.
Our princesses, together with guests and organizers, enjoyed the combination of sporting experiences, adrenaline programme, but also social gatherings and official speeches in front of an audience.
After a complicated night arrival and a short rest at Wellness Hotel Gendorf, dressing up warmly, and in the morning there was the first opportunity to get to know the snow, this time in the hands of an experienced driver of a snow scooter from Yellow point. This company also helped us to arrange the whole morning programme in Špindlerův Mlýn and Mr. Hynek Dvořák, sales director, accompanied us all the time.

So that one can engage the whole body and properly move and warm up, it is clearly the longest illuminated toboggan run in the Czech Republic, with an elevation of almost 400 metres. The length of 3 kilometres offers a lot of fun and adrenaline spots, riders must be able to turn, brake, and stop their specific means of transport in time, the wooden sledge.
The most famous Czech ski resort, Špindlerův Mlýn, offers many interesting views and nice corners. Riding quads is therefore the activity that in a short time will show the audience the most nice places. If you add an experienced driver with a little racing blood in your veins, the adrenaline experience is taken care of. 

Fortified by lunch at a mountain hotel, the princesses arrived on the snow plain, where true polar dogs with sleds and an experienced musher, Mr. Jiří Vondrák from psisprezeni.cz, were already waiting for them. Wind in the face, beautiful snowy nature, barking dogs, and calling far away, as in the stories of Jack London, brought both adrenaline and a romantic experience at the same time. Who could resist the chance to become a true musher for a few moments …

But what good would it be for us to visit a ski resort if we did not try it on skis.
Our princesses told us that they have no experience with skiing yet, but under the professional guidance of pleasant and friendly ski school instructor Mrs. Very Jirešová, they soon stopped worrying. 

At the end of the day, our princesses were able to warm up in the wellness, and at a social dinner with an excellent menu they received a special jewel from ARANYS.cz, on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day. 

The next day, the princesses moved to the Moravian town of Kroměříž, known for its castle and flower garden. In the evening, there was a highly social part of the event - a true Princess fashion ball, a Czech fashion ball, attended by VIP partners and the general public. The above-standard accompanying programme in the VIP hall was crowned with a great banquet, along with lots of tastings and presentations. 

Also there were excellent teas and coffees from LUMO PLUS s.r.o, Gold Water from TEFCO.CZ, or electric scooters MAXSTORM even.
The possibility of tasting all sorts of wines was provided throughout the evening by the Dvůr pod starýma horama winery. A special gift for the princesses was also prepared by the traditional tie maker - Hedva Moravská Třebová. Mr. Petr Gottwald and Mr. Tomáš Mazal presented everything to us personally.

After welcoming the guests by the competition president, greetings of our MISS, and a toast together, they presented their opening show with fire, by Barmani Zlín (Zlín barmen). 

And then, accompanied by Ilona Stry and the HS Panorama Band orchestra, they danced, as seemed only right. The stars of the TV show Stardance, Miroslav Hanuš and Adriana Mašková, also showed their art to the audience.
As mentioned, the whole evening was in the spirit of fashion. Of course, our princesses didn´t stay behind, and lit up the whole hall in dresses from the leading fashion designer, Mrs. Jiřina Tauchmanová. Their visage was taken care of by Mrs. Věra Jakoubková from the Studio Krásy.

During the evening, Kataryna and Priscilla also greeted guests in the next main hall, saw the musical performance and the raffle, and then danced until dawn. 

It can be seen that the combination of beauty, nature, adrenaline, dance, and social life works perfectly well together, bringing the girls an unforgettable experience of their stay in the Czech Republic.