Visit the Malta, Miss Bikini

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 our beautiful Princesses have another lovely day behind. The Maltese sun was smiling on them all day long. Their first stop on the wonderful island was Valetta, the capital of Malta. The girls were enjoying beautiful Maltese view right from Upper Baraka Garden. They visited even Malta public library and the ancient city Mdina. Extraordinary cuisine was tried at lunch in Limestone Heritage in Siggiewi, where they tasted meat and vegetable local specialities, local wine and fruits right from the local garden. The last winner of Miss Princess of the the World 2017, Dajana Laketic there visited us. Ladies were given handmade souvernirs, where each of the girls chiseled the Maltese cross into the rock. The magical atmosphere was contributed by beautiful designeed dresses by Mr. Luděk Hanák. 

After the trip the Superfinalists were ready for more demanding part - next discipline Miss Bikini, where their godness figures could be seen in colorful bikini. Swimsuites were designed by fashion designer Mrs. Aneta Hamidi. The  award of the best body won  Kateryna Kachashvili from Ukraine.