The World Final of the contest will be held in Ostrava


The World Final of the beauty Contest Miss Princess of the World 2014 will be held in the Czech Republic, the Finalists will be presented to wide audiences in Ostrava, the metropolis of Moravia-Silesia.

April 10th, 2014/ The World Final of the international contest of beauty and communication skills The Miss Princess of the World 2014,which as the only one brings to the Czech Republic several dozens of most beautiful girls from all over the world, will be held in Ostrava on October 10th.. Moravian-Silesian metropolis will prepare a grand narrative show accompanied by an excellent symphonic orchestra with the participation of delegates from national rounds, distinguished guests and well-known celebrities in hall for more than 12 thousands spectators who will have unique opportunity to see the most beautiful girls from as traditional as well as exotic destinations, led by the reigning winner of the Miss Princess of the World twenty-three year old beauty Carmen Isabel Hernandez Chavez from Mexico. Currently, the preparations for the contest culminate, besides the Czech Republic, in about next 60 countries. 

The jury of the prestigious Miss Princess of the World 2014 will meet at fifty jurors from among the ambassadors, celebrities, VIPs, national organizers and partners. A number of selected personalities, who will leave their votes on-line via teleconference, will also be involved to voting across the continents. The course of finals tournament will be transmitted abroad through the satellite broadcasting for Europe, Asia and Africa, the Internet and thanks to news coverage of television crews.   Over six thousand spectators and about one hundred VIP guests will observe the World finals’ tournament in the ČEZ Arena multifunctional.

“We have prepared an attractive accompanying program in Prague and other places of historical lands of the Czech Crown – in Moravia, Silesia and Bohemia, where during ten days prior to the final, the girls will visit major attractions, galleries, museums, natural and technical attractions, spas and a number of interesting sites,“ said the founder and president of the contest Ing. Viktor Krča. Miss Princess of the World is a unique international contest for girls aged from 16 to 26 years, which currently belongs to the Top five world’s most prestigious beauty contests.  The selection criteria are quite strict. Princesses of the world have to be not only beautiful and elegant but also smart and capable ladies, presenting themselves and their country in one of the world’s languages,“explained president of the contest, adding that Miss Princess of the World differs from the classic beauty contests by other included disciplines.  „Girls must convince a jury that they can handle modern communication tools and master the basics of diplomatic protocol. Another difference is the combination of beauty and business. The part of final day is the conference Business Forum with participation of representatives of business agencies, foreign investors and significant companies,“  emphasized president the contest Ing. Viktor Krča and further said that during the gala evening there of course will not be missing the audience’s attractive disciplines such as presentation of national costumes, parade in swimsuits and in formal dress.

Miss Princess of the World has already a twelve-year tradition, during which we managed to develop a successful long-term cooperation with the government, particularly with embassies of participating countries. „Until 2011 we held the final every year then we switched to a two-year period. The promotions of contest are ongoing in course of the first year and the world final in the second year. Number of registered countries increases year on year, in 2012 there were 53 countries. Girls arrive from different countries of Africa, America, Asia and Europe, representatives of Canada added up as well. Miss Princess of the World is especially interesting for its cultural diversity, “  as described production director Michaela Řešutová.