The designers about Miss Princess of the World: It is a different Miss

In very few places you will be able to find such a big concentration od top Czech designers, as on the events of the prestigious worldwide beauty contest Miss Princess of the World®  Czech Republic 2011.  During the castings for the Czech national selection, we asked some of them, why they chose to collaborate with this specific contest, due to the fact that as very well known and prestigious designers, they have the possibility to choose among such events.

„It is somehow a different Miss,“ agreed uniformely the designers „not only for its world standard, but also for the high quality of its events“. „Primarily for me it is a challenge, due to the fact that for the shows we are dressing tens of different types of girls“, says the prominent Czech designer Luděk Hanák, known for his extravagant creations.

Front Czech designer Jiřina Tauchmanová, whose astonishing gowns you can see not only on the gala evenings of  Miss Princess of the World®, but also in popular Czech media shows (for example Star Dance ) adds: „To see my dresses on a show, which is being watched by media from tens of worldwide countriesand their media, is a great opportunity for a designer, but it is also a joy to collaborate with an event of such a high level and quality“