The current MISS Priscila Silva Alves from Portugal and I.vicemiss Kateryna Kachashvili from Ukraine visited the Czech Republic.

For the first time, the Czech Republic had the honour of welcoming this year’s MISS PRINCESS OF THE WORLD 2019world project winners. Currently the most beautiful princess in the world, Priscila Silva Alves from Portugal, together with the first Vice-Miss Kateryna Kachashvili from the Ukraine, accepted the invitation of the organizer of the competition to the Czech Republic to participate in the prestigious event called WORLD WINNERS PROMOTION 2019. 

This event, intended for VIP guests, advertising partners, and the public, took place from 18th to 22nd September 2019. Both girls and guests had the opportunity to experience romantic moments, along with many adrenaline experiences. 

The first trip of our princesses after their arrival led from Vienna, Austria, to the sunlit southern Moravia. During a visit to the partner winery ANNOVINO in their new showroom, with excursions and tasting of new products of the HONEY’S brand, honey wine with fruit juice, the girls ended the evening with a tasting session in the Valtice underground. 

The next day, our MISS contestants moved to the amazing area of Lednice Castle. It should be stressed here that this estate belonged to the House of Liechtenstein for almost 700 years, who acquired it in 1249. Today, we were personally welcomed by the Castillian. 

After that, we could admire the splendour, the amazing interior with its carved ceilings, wooden wall panelling, and selected furniture, or even the private rooms of the Liechtenstein family, in this most beautiful castle complex in the Czech Republic. 

Among the romantic surprises for our MISS contestants were a period musician, who welcomed them in the largest room of the castle, and the beautifully carved stairs, which are the pride of the castle, and which were carved from an oak tree trunk, and which the princesses could use on this special occasion. 

Friday continued in this no less interesting place in this region of wine. We were hosted by the huge complex of the renowned Winery U Kapličky in Zaječí, which regularly gains laurels at international wine competitions. There were also vineyards all around us, and there was another interesting programme waiting for the princesses and participants of our next event.

An outdoor afternoon full of fun sports activities, as well as tasting good food and wine, which was opened by violin virtuoso Ilona Stryová. In addition to SEGWAY vehicles, participants could also view and test the latest innovations in electromobility, as part of the presentation of special electric scooters from the new Czech brand, MAXSTORM. 

In addition to crossbows, blowpipes, and archery, guests and our MISS contestants could test their aim in a special discipline - shooting from shotguns at flying targets. At the prepared shooting range of the hunting union, under professional supervision, everyone could do their best to actively hit the flying imitation of the pigeon.

After the entertainment, of course, it was time for the official part of the event. At 6pm, moderator Alexandr Komarnický welcomed guests, in several languages, to the part of the event entitled BUSINESS MEETING, aimed at presenting and co-operating with our partners within the framework of foreign trade.  Also, the President of the competition, Mr. Ing. Viktor Krča, had the honour of personally welcoming both guests and the reigning world winners. There was also a brief handover of part of the prizes, which could not be personally handed over by the partners directly at the world finals taking place on the ocean liner. 

And then the selected business partners introduced their companies and activities in traditional and novel ways.  The following companies were presented:

Acoustique Quality s.r.o. , HEDVA a.s., PANOP CZ s.r.o., ALMI Trade s.r.o., manufacturer of scooters -  MAXSTORM, REDFOOD s.r.o. TEFCO CZ, a.s., Remarkplast GROUP a.s. and fashion designer, Mrs. Jiřina Tauchmanová, presented her production at our MISSES.

In the spirit of establishing new collaborations over a glass of good wine, the entire evening programme was carried out, enriched by musical performances, dulcimer music, a magician, and dance performances, CUVÉEBAND dulcimer, magician MAGIC SEBASTIAN or NEFERTARI's dance performances.

Here, too, our princesses accepted the invitation of the Sommelier, and took advantage of the opportunity to visit the cellars in the area of the Winery U Kapličky, accompanied by tasting of selected wine samples. 

Since thinking about the future is always more pleasant over a glass of good wine, where everything looks rosy, the next day of our promotion, we looked at our ladies with crowns on their heads, as future women and mothers. When visiting the showroom of the children’s shop, they could look around and get advice on what they will surely buy for their children in the future.
On Saturday, after the move to Letiště Leoše Janáčka near Ostrava, we had another unique programme - the official opening of NATO Days and the Czech Air Force. This gigantic event with several hundred thousand spectators is the largest security show in Europe. Its main objective is to present to the general public the most diverse range of means available to the Czech Republic and its NATO allies in the field of security and defence.
Our princesses were given an important task in the opening ceremony - to assist in the handing over of honorary ribbons to pledge the awarded units of the Police of the Czech Republic. Then they had the opportunity to watch an intriguing programme of demonstrations of ground and air forces all day, and to look into the bowels of some of the air giants that were presented. The biggest this year was the C-5M Super Galaxy transport aircraft, with a wingspan of 68 metres, and a weight of 350 tons. 

Thanks to the attention that our princesses rightly attracted, we made friends, for example, with representatives of the Finnish squadron or we have seen and tried how to hold small arms of various sizes, manufactured by Česká Zbrojovka. 

We met in person and said a few words with the top military commanders, including Army General Mr. Ing. Aleš Opata, the charismatic chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic. 

The nineteenth NATO Days and the Air Force of the Army of the Czech Republic became for us the cherry on the cake of the WORLD WINNERS PROMOTION 2019 programme, which all of the girls and all of the participants really enjoyed.