Šumavský pramen a. s. has prepared the drink regime for Miss Princess of the World


Šumavský pramen a. s.will be taking care of the drink regime of the finalists of Miss Princess of the World  during the whole
duration of the event. Šumavský pramen a. s. is one of the biggest manufacturers of water with a healthy amount of minerals spun into barrels in the town of Černá in the region of Pošumaví.

„ For the girls, the team and the guests of the gala evening have been prepared 1235 litres of water. For the promotion and trips the girls have Sip and GO bottles, which will ensure them their drink regime while travelling around Prague and its surroundings and during their promotion. For those girls who like flavoured water a food suplement Estian has been prepared, its taste is completed with the composition of natural mineral water“. Said Dr. Karel Sailer, sales director ofŠumavský pramen a.s.