Promotion Ústecký Region and Fashion Show Luděk Hanák


Friday, on 5th October 2012 girls visited Ústecký Region and the city Mohelnice. First they went to the Museum in Zubrnice, where they seen not only the historical architecture, but also tried the historical activities and sat down to the school desks. The next stage was the Gothic castle in Litoměřice, where they seen the multifunctional center which is representing the tradition of growing and wine production in the Czech wine regions. Over lunch visited the castle tavern. Afternoon the girls were warmly welcomed on the castle Krásný Dvůr. Girls welcomed by Mrs. Chatelaine and the Mayor of the town, then girls continued to Mohelnice, where was held the event Top Style Luděk Hanák. Girls were introduced to the visitors and showed fashion collection of the court dress designers of the Contest, already mentioned Luděk Hanák.