Preparing of profile photos

Girls made their profile photos and their presentation videos with professionals today. Hairdressers from Studio Ivana Ostrava and beauticians form Studio Hana Pekhartová Praha took care about look of girls. The owner of Studio Ivana Ostrava Ivana Korduliak Doleželová said: “We made hairdress whichever the girl wanted. For example the girl from Kazakhstan showed me the photo of her national dress, she said me which hairdress she wanted and I made her hairdress acoording to her wishes. However we tried to make princess from girls.”

Finalists the competitions Miss Princess of The World were also happy from their haidress. “I was really fine, really happy that I colud be with these beautiful ladies. My hairdress was super. Hairstylists were amazing,“ the girl from Brazil Vanessa Crippa confirmed. Hairdressers always readjusted every princess before shooting. “My hairdress was beautiful. I tried to give my best for the photos and I had to wait for the results,” miss Cyprus Samantha Stoecklmayer added.

The owner of Studio Ivana Ostrava Ivana Korduliak Doleželová concluded: “We had do it for six years, but every action was different. We was eight for today and I thought that we were really good prepared. I thought that girls were cool. Their got advice and when they stood their ground but we convinced them in the end.”