Petr Chromčák: Women are my biggest inspiration


The well known conductor  Petr Chromčák participated at the fourth  day of the Miss Princess of the World
promotion program which took place at Motel U Krbu.

Due to the match of happy coincidences, we met with the president of the contest, ing. Viktor Krča, last year at the traditional LOOK magazíne party, where the ongoing final of the contest was presented. I was very impressed by the whole project. I wanted to
know as much possible about it, therefore I accepted the invitation to attend the final gala evening. The quality of the event gave me so much enthusiasm that I decided to attend again this year“, confessed the symphatetic artist.

The princesses could find out more about the mysterious and interesting work of the conductor of the symphonic orchestra. „Music is my life. When I stand on stage, I feel the tones in every cell of my body. I do not perceive the world around me at that moment. I tis a fantastic feelingof extasis and fulfillment and I cannot imagine that I would be doing anything else.“

The conductor also spoke about his favorite authors of classical music.: „ Antonín Dvořák, Petr Iljic Čajkovskij and Gustav Mahle mean the most to me. Their music is very resourceful and alive.But I do not like only classic music. I did a rock vision of Moízart’s requiem with Daniel Landa. I also did a CD with Radka Fišarová called Paris, Paris, which has Edith Piaf’s chansons. I should not forget the philarmony of Hradec Kralove and also Michal David’s musical Kat Mydlář.“

The conductor Petr Chromčák accepted to joint he final jury of Miss Princes sof the World this year. „I am really looking forward to it. I will enjoy it in the sme way as I enjoy conducting. Women are and will be always my biggest inspiration. From which comes out all my performances on the music scene“, he added.