Miss Princess of the World starts 9th February 2012

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The prestigious beauty contest – the Miss Princess of the World will start 9th February 2012 held its eleventh year. In international competition, legendary high demands on the participating girls, reports the candidates this year from more than fifty countries including the Czech Republic. Closing Gala and World Finals will take place 6th October 2012 in TOP HOTEL Praha.
The winner of the competition in which girls in addition to natural beauty and charm of the show intelligence, communication and technical skills with computers and mobile phones, became Carmen Isabel Hernández Chávez of Mexico.

“It’s not only one of the other competing attractive women, but from its participants require much more. Apart from the beauty must demonstrate a natural intelligence, knowledge of the languages, and also to handle demanding tasks with communication technology. It is therefore a unique event, which also has its range in the Czech Republic competition, “says Viktor Krča, president of the Miss Princess of the World.

This year’s opening ceremony will be held on Wednesday 9th February 2012 at the Holiday World exhibition at the Prague Exhibition Grounds for the personal participation of the last winners – Mexican Carmen Isabel Hernández Chávez, together with the first runner-up Michaela Karaková from Slovakia, the second runner-up Yen Hoang Cao from Vietnam and Miss Talent – Szonja Dudik from Hungary to meet here with the Minister for Regional Development Kamil Jankovským as ambassadors of their countries.

Number of participating countries increases

The contest to crown Miss Princess of the World has involved an increasing number of countries from Europe, America, Africa and Asia. This year, registered a record 53 countries including China and many South or Central America in recent years, collected in beauty contests greatest achievements. The newly selected jurors will now be a princess for example in Croatia, Canada or Puerto Rico.

Entries must be girls free, childless, and at least 170 cm high, the age group 16 to 26 years. Of course there is the nationality of the country they represent. Competition conditions also commit to the knowledge of English or another foreign language and the need to control the computer and the Internet.

“The challenge is to convince participants of the expert jury that it is not only beautiful but also smart. We require that knew how to speak well, you understand your computer and mobile phone and arranged a world language. At the same time expect a promenade in a swimsuit, formal dress and a competition for the best national costume, “says Viktor Krča.

Czech-Hungarian finals for the seventh July 2012

In the Czech Republic will be held in six cities selected casting rounds. In the period from 15th and 20th April 2012 of the girls who go through casting in Brno,České Budějovice, Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem, Praha and Ostrava, select semi-finalists. Semi-final is scheduled for 26th April 2012 in Prague and the National Finals are then held in a joint Czech-Hungarian overhead. The most beautiful and intelligent Czech woman chooses jury 7th July 2012 in Budapest – there will also the Hungarian crown princess. The jury also grant additional special awards – Miss SympathyMiss Talent and Miss Photo. The public involved to vote select the most photogenic girl.

Miss Princess of the World 2012 will culminate in a final galaevening 6th October 2012 in TOP HOTEL Praha.