Miss Princess of the World for Foundation Šťastná hvězda 

Under the auspices of the Mayor of Jihlava city Ing. Rudolf Chloupek , regional councilor of Vysočina RNDr. Marie Kružíková and the senator of the parliament of the Czech Republic RNDr. Miloš Vystrčil in cooperation with the Šťastná hvězda foundation carried out during the period from the 7.10. – 10.10 2015 an autumn part II. Promotion Miss Princess of the World 2015 in the Czech Republic.

First of all, only a portion of princesses (Iben Juel Nielsen representing Denmark, Marion Marjorie Sarah Amelineau representing France, Ivanna Onufriichuk representing Ukraine or Monika Vaculíková representing theCzech Republic) had been enjoying the beginning of the four days program in Prague and in Jihlava. However, others gradually joined our girls including Miss Princess of the World, Andella Chileshe Matthews of Zambia. On Saturday, on the 10.10.2015 a dozen of gorgeous girls performed an attractive fashion show in models of the leading Czech designer Luděk Hanák.

It is a pity that representatives of Spain (Maria Elena Martos Villalba) and of Slovakia (Patricie Hejčíková) had to at the last minute, stay at home due to the leg injury and the tonsillitis, and that they couldn’t participate at the interesting program.

Wednesday’s program was marked by a daylong visit of the city of Prague and famous historical sights. In the evening after moving to the city of Jihlava, the girls went to see a part of the city and totally incognito on behalf of their request (without an official escort or media accompaniment), at the opening dinner together with the team and partners of Miss Princess of the Worldthey had tasted a delicious local cuisine combined with degustation.

The next day a busy program launched by an official welcoming at the regional office by the regional councilor of Vysočina RNDr Marie Kružíková awaited the foreign beauties led by Ing. Viktor Krča, the president of the competition and Alena Skovajsová, the director of the Šťastná hvězda foundation, afterwards altogether with the senator RNDr. Miloš Vystrčil they had moved to  the area of the department for children of the Jihlava hospital.Donation of lots of presents to children couldn’t happen without the presence of local photographers, we were able to identify even a few mothers taking care for their children in the hospital. Because we could not go around all of the departments, after the agreement with the senior doctor MUDr. Martin Zimen, the Miss Princess of the World together with the foundation officially handed over another heap of presents and toys to the hospital staff, who had the opportunity to fairly distribute them to other children under a Christmas tree.

Another part of the Jihlava hospital visit was a tour of the new emergency services control room, where the operators of the crisis center drew their activities closer to the knowledge of the girls.  After taking a necessary photo with the director of the center, Mrs. Ing. Vladislava Filová, the princesses then moved with the accompaniment of professional security, gentlemen from the Excubitor Ltd. Company together with other guests and journalists to the premises of the Mokov Company.At that place, on behalf of the request of the owner, Mr. Rudolf Penna, they could have a look at the local production of forgings for cars and trucks in the modern operation with the top equipment at the full running of the production.

 An official welcoming followed by the city mayor, Mr. PaedDr. Ing. Rudolf Chloupek and Mr. Ing. Milan Kovář, the deputy mayor, at the municipal office in Jihlava where the girls not only could take a look at the historical parts of the city hall but could also listen to a prepared performance of saxophonists. Mr. Ing. Kovář also introduced to the girls in an original way a local wedding hall.  A short stop followed with an interview in the Hit Radio Vysočina and invitation of listeners to the charitable evening of the Šťastná hvězda foundation.  On Thursday evening in the restaurant Buena Vista a social evening party with local partners from the foundation and business men was awaiting the Miss Princess of the World.  The whole evening as well as a special birthday party for our Danish princess, Mrs. Iben Juel Nielsen, was adorned by the dulcimer Ratan music. From the guest’s reactions it was possible to observe that after our princesses, the second most interesting part of the program was not only music but mainly a presentation of an excellent Caribbean rum from the company www.doutniky-kava.cz, which is a long-term partner for the Miss Princess of the World, by the way whose presentation was very much liked by the guests of Saturday’s charitable evening in DKO Jihlava.

The next day the girls moved to a wonderful atmosphere of UNESCO monuments, the Telč Castle and they had begun their day by walking on the Zachariáše of Hradce squere. At the arrival to the Telč Castle, the girls were officially welcomed by the mayor of Telč, Mgr. Roman Fabeš and the senator, RNDr. MilošVystrčil and during the stands the girls were impressively welcomed by the Castle trumpeters wearing historic costumes. A memorable character with a bunch of keys was then smiling Mr. Bohumil Norek, the Telč Castle manager who deserves a big thanks for hosting help and the organization of the program. Later, very strongly the volleys as well as historic artilleryman were introduced, who then liven up the afternoon for the girls and the guests by its exhibition of firearms. Later on, some brave princesses and a mistress tried shooting personally. With the accompaniment of the mayor, a tour followed of a recently renovated underground which is at the world class thanks to the technology used during the multimedia projections. Our cameramen successfully recorded everything even from a bird’s view with a camera having drone and afterwards invited guests together with the Miss Princess of the World had a seat at the historical rooms of the castle to have a late lunch. Here, the guests could absolutely enjoy a perfect remarkable acoustics of the hall especially during the talks and speeches of the princesses, or the production of the historic music.

In the late afternoon, the girls moved back to Jihlava, where they had enjoyed a walk through the city and buying souvenirs or visiting a shopping mall. The whole evening program had occurred in the Water Paradise of Jihlava, where after the necessary taking of pictures for media, the beauties in their swimming suits together with the local mascot moved to the swimming pool area. Until the late evening hours, they had been using a relaxing zone as well as sports activities in the water including diving ensured by a Rob design agency, a long-term outdoor partner of Miss Princess of the World, of which the charming manager Veronika Holá had participated in the past at the Miss Princess of the World.

On Saturday morning on the 10.10.2015, a guided tour of the Museum of Vysočina and its interesting exhibition awaited the girls with the possibility of getting their own coins, a short tour of the Ježek brewery joined with the degustation of samples of the local beer followed as well as a visit of the gallery, which was the most interesting for a French girl, Ms. Marion Marjorie Sarah Amelineau who is a lover of the modern art. According to the statements of the girls, they will remember for a long time the stories about women who had an influence on social affairs in the historical Jihlava. In the afternoon, the girls appeared at the short practice of the program in DKO Jihlava and prepared themselves for their entering remarks within the framework of the charitable evening being prepared by the Šťastná hvězda foundation.

Within the framework of the Gala Evening program and promised support to the foundation, Miss Princess of the World carried out an already announced main performance - SMALL FASHION SHOW Miss Princess of the World in the dresses of the Czech fashion designer Luděk Hanák, together with the performance of Magic Sebastian who has been for the 9th time the master of magic Grand Prix. For the support for Šťastná hvězda foundation, all the fees of the above mentioned gentlemen and the girls performing were covered by a sponsorship of the Miss Princess of the World.

Furthermore, the Miss Princess of the World decided to contribute to a good cause beyond the collected finances by the main organizer of the evening event, Šťastná hvězda foundation for the entrance tickets or selling calendars and other trifles. Together with her partners, she decided to dedicate the finances for the support of BedříšekSvoboda who was kindly asking for money for the Ulzibat operation in the video presentation which was projected unto a large screen during the evening by the foundation.

Therefore together with the companies BHC International Ltd. – supplier of the CANON brand,  Tefco CZ, Inc. – Golden Water, www.doutniky-kava.cz and Remarkplast Ltd., there was an opportunity  30 minutes prior to the start of the event, for the VIP guests and for public to take pictures with the Miss Princess of the World  during the break and take away printed large format photos with signatures or to taste for free the Caribbean rums or a healing water with gold and pay some contribution fee for those.

The hostess of the Miss Princess of the World during the break collected part of the finances (handed over in a cheque on the stage during the broadcast) and after paying for the printed photos with the girls in the framework of an after party, so the Miss Princess of the World ensured for the charity in total 30 000 Czk (apart from the finances collected by the foundation for the entrance tickets and selling calendars), which she handed over to the Šťastná hvězda foundation during that evening for the support of Bedříšek Svoboda.

The closing part of our event and waking up early on Sunday morning with the transfer to the airport in Prague, was made more pleasant for our princesses for sure,by having the feeling of experiencing again several moments to remember from the Czech Republic and at the same time contributing to a good cause. So hopefully see them again next time…