Miss Princess of the World in cooperation with the GiSant clinic arranged an operation for ill boy Bedříšek Svoboda

Dear business, media friends and cooperating partners

We would like to let you know one current and positive information, especially for ill boy Bedříšek Svoboda.

The foundation Šťastná hvězda at Charity event on 10.10.2015 in Cultural House of Jihlava was not able to raise enough money for the operation of Bedříšek Svoboda.

Misses Princess of the World and their partners generated (30.000,- CZk) at the Charity evening.

Therefore, Miss Princess of the World decided to intervene and arranged with our partner, GiSant clinic in Karlovy Vary, owner Dr. Filip Santini, operation called „Uzybat“  in the facilities of the  Clinic.

All the expenses including payment for the operating theatre, staff, hospitalization and medication will be fully up to the GiSant clinic (estimated expenses including hospitalization of about  100.000,- CZk).

Thanks to the amount collected by Miss Princess of the World, which will be used to pay Ukrainian doctor, who will perform the operation, will be possible to carry out the whole  operation of  Bedříšek Svoboda.


Thank you all one more time for your cooperation.