Magical experiences in Prague

Tower Park Praha

 The finalists of Miss Princess of the World will arrive in the Czech capital, Prague. Before they move to the final scene in Ostrava, they will experience something literally magical in Prague. "All the 50 finalists will present themselves for the first time in the Czech Republic on October 6 at a truly unique place. We chose for the occasion a new restaurant in Zizkov Television Tower. This is the highest restaurant in Prague. We are going to start with a top view, "said Ing. Viktor Krča, the president of the contest.

The girls will have a wonderful view of the historic city. "The tower is the tallest building in Prague. The Observatory at the height of 93 meters offers a unique 360-degree view of the city.The program and refreshments will be available for girls in the Clouds restaurant, which is located at the height of 66 meters, " said Lucie Černá, the sales manager of Tower Park Praha. Also tasting of molecular mixology, such as smoking drinks, or bevarages that change their taste in the mouth or cocktails in the form of ice cream or jelly, will be a unique experience