The girls spent their last day in the Moravian-Silesian Region. During this day, they visited the castle’s regale at the Silesian Ostrava Castle, shopping centre OC Fórum Nová Karolina and had lunch at the Golf resort Ostravice.

Girls knew the atmosphere of a military camp during the Thirty Years War and tasted medieval cuisine with traditional Czech butcher in the Silesian Ostrava Castle. The historical music was everywhere and the girls could see a varied parade of folk crafts. The Exhibition of Moravian wine was a part of the castle’s regale. Girls who had undergone "crash course" of tasting wine in Valtice underground in the past few days, expertly tested and evaluated the samples offered. "This white wine is definitely sweet, because its colour is very yellow," the Miss France Marion Amelineau said.

Girls appreciated the visit of OC Forum Nová Karolina like every good women, because this shopping centre is the largest shopping centre in Ostrava. They had the opportunity to visit a wide range of shops and compare the fashion trends in the Czech Republic and in their native country. Additionally they appreciated differences between offers in Czech shops and offices worldwide and also girls had a bit of sports. "I think shopping is a sport. I have to go there, messing with the dress, try it, and so on. It's quite physically demanding, although it acts funny. Plus it's great fun!" Miss Albania Leila Kraja said.

Princesses concluded their visit to the Moravian-Silesian Region and many of them also visit the Czech Republic during lunch at Golf resort Ostravice. All girls agreed that the week spent concentrating on Miss Princess of the World was amazing and full of experiences.