Jadran Šetlík: My wish to the girl : „don’t be afraid…“


Besides from beautiful girls, the organization team, TV and photographs, we could not avoid to notice the prsence of many prominents on the inauguration of the world final of the beauty contest  Miss Princess of the World 2011.We briefly interviewed the well known photographer Jadran Šetlík, who has photographed a lot of czech and international celebrities and models.

It is almost a cliché, but I have to ask. How do you like the finalists?

There are some really interesting faces. I won’t revea which ones, but for sure some of them caught my attention from the beginning.

I’ve heard that you will be part of the jury this year. Is that right?

Yes, I was invited to joint he jury this year. I still have to try and adjust my schedule to it, but we have sat with Viktor(Ing. Victor Krča president of the contest Miss Princess of the World ) in the same jury years ago. So this would be a chance to repeat that. (laughs)

Therefore you have worked with this contest before?!

I have been part of different contests since forever, it’s just that I have been dedicating myself to a different sphere and theme lately. I do gallery projects, which are more about important people from different countries, regions and less about beautiful models. But one should get back to his beginnings from time to time.

What would you wish the girls for the final?

Not to be afraid. All of them are stressed, of course, but they should take this as a calm situation and a game. They should appreciate the chance to know this beautiful country and to get a great experience from it. The first winning places will make them happy, but I think it is not the most important thing.