What is your secret, what idea, practice, principle or skill is the cause of your success?

I believe they key to my success is the fact that I believe and challenge myself. I always think that I can do more and so never give up in trying! My mistakes and my failures are an important part of my success and so I always strive to do and achieve modes 

What of your experiences you can share with us as a guideline to success?

I have managed to graduate two times at the university of Malta. When it comes to my professional life from a young age I was given an managerial role, and I have managed to advance so now at the age of 26 I have my own home, a good job and a busy life. I have started from scratch and managed to build my life, passing through thick and thin. Another success in my life is the people that surround me that I have met throughout, people from whom I have learned, people that I helped and that helped me. My success is that I managed to make my family proud of who I am and what I became!  

Which area or aktivity in your portfolio do you consider as the best in your business life? 

In my business life and personal life, communicating is a very important factor and is surely my favorite one. On a daily basis I meet a lot of people and I talk and share experiences, give advices, help and learn from various people through communication. 

Do you have any guru in your proffessional area who would inspire you?

I do not have a guru, but there are many colleagues of mine with a lot of working experience  who inspire me a lot and from whom I get ideas and tips on how to improve my career and working place. 

Do you have any advice for the young, beginning girls in modeling and beauty contests?

My advice is firstly to believe in themselves, that would be the first step so that they could  be able to present themselves honestly and humbly. Secondly being a beauty queen takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice. They need be ready for all the challenges that come in the way. Also they need to accept to loose but then to get up and try again! In a beauty contest the girls are representing their country and their nation and they need to do it with love!! Because if you do not love what you do it is hard to have a positive outcome! Lastly, a beauty queen is given a crown but it is not only to be carried on her head,  but also in her heart as it is from the heart that beauty begins! 


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