How are our girls? Smart, ambitious, sociable. And successful!

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The international contest of Miss Princess of the World is known because of its above average high criteria for the selection of finalists. This criteria are applied at the very beginning during the national selections. As proof that only the top quality girls are selected is portrayed by the finalists themselves, who in many ocassions do place themselves in the first places of other contests.

„Unlike other competitions, we do not forbid the girls, who have taken part of national selections or the world finale to attend different contests. It is fascinating for us to observe their successes and their improvements and we are happy to see that they succeed in other competitions and furthermore, we often do attend these events to support them. “, said president of the contest of Miss Princess of the World, ing. Viktor Krča.

Another at least three names could be added to the list of the successful finalists of Miss Princess of the World, who took part in the 11th contest of Miss Praha Open, last Saturday in the Czech Republic. All three finalists – Denisa Domanská, Eliška Urbancová a Tereza Jinochová, who have successfully took part in the czech finale of Miss Princess of the World, have obtained some of the possible titles.
The biggest happiness was on Denisa Domanská. An eighteen year old student from the gimnasium in Koryčany close to Zlín. This girl not only obtained the winning title of Miss Praha Open, but also left the contest on board of a brand new Peugeot 206plus. Denisa did not only win with the accredited jury, but this wide eye girl also obtained the title of Miss Internet. Almost 2500 people voted for her on the web pages Denisa, who says, that the best word to portray her is the word „ambitious“, also plays floorball, likes folk dance and singing. She made the crowd clap their hands out to the Abba hit Honey Honey, during the finale evening.
The fakt that this year the girls were very talented is confirmed by the 1st Vicemiss of Miss Praha Open Tereza Jinochová from Neratovice. Tereza, who characterizes herself as „very sociable“, is devoted to dancing since she was five years old. At the free discipline she performed a show of rumba and jive, number whith which she obtained 1st place at the czech championships in groups.
„Theresa, has absolved the czech finale from may together with the quite demanding assembly in Italy, together with a hard training of choreography and catwalk under the direction of our great choreographer Peter Varady. And it is shown precisely on her the huge progress she has done in presentation on the catwalk and also self consciousness in performance. But also the other grls are working very hard on themselves and with a visible results“, kcommented with a smile the success of the girls ing. Krča, who watch with enthusiasm the finale of Miss Praha Open in between viewers in the front rows.
A crown was given to Eliška Urbancová from Telč, by the viewers in the auditorium. This temperamental, horse loving beauty did astonish the viewers with her piano performance and took home the crown for Miss Symphaty.
From the lines of successful finalists we could also remind the finalist of Miss Princess of the World Czech Republic 2009 Barbora Hamplová and she also was the winner of Miss Praha Open 2009 and finalist of Czech Miss 2009. We also should remind of Miss Princess of the World Slovakia Dominika Dzúrikova, who won Miss Eden International 2010 in May.