Question of the week No.2

from member of jury, Jiřina Tauchmanová from member of jury, Jiřina Tauchmanová, fashion designer:

You are competing for the title Miss … and you are all women here, what do you think about it, what role in life as a woman you will have, or would you like to have?

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TOP 8 SUPERFINALISTS of Miss Princess of the World® 2019:

Argentina - Estrella Celeste Bonifacio

I would love that after taking part in the Superfinal I will be more listened by people, so I can give the best of me to society. Being able in the future to bring messages of encouragement to new generations, help people who have problems today, especially drug addicts: show them that the world is beautiful, that there is another kind of life and if we fight together they can leave the addictions behind.

Australia - Riley Ellan Aston

I am proud to be a woman competing for the Miss Princess of the World crown. I believe the crown represents all that I strive to be in my day to day life by being loyal, caring, kind, classy and generous. These are all qualities I aim to possess as a role model for other women in today’s society.

Brazil - Ana Beatriz Oliveira da Silva

I am very happy to be chosen to be part of this team of beautiful women.
I think today, as a miss, I am an active and inspiring voice, representing all the strong women that exist. My role in society is to show that we are capable, independent, that we deserve equal rights, that we should be treated as we deserve, without discrimination.
Nowadays the woman is strong and revolutionary, and she can be whoever she wants, from mother to a president of a country.

Czech Republic - Adéla Kašpaříková

I am looking forward to meet all the superfinalists because I think that right now we all share not only the same duties but also the same dreams and we will try to make those dreams become reality. The biggest role which women have in life for me is our solicitude and care which every woman has inside of her and which can be seen when she takes care of the other people as a mother, friend or sister. As a woman I would like to become an inspiration for the other women and make them proud of who they are. And also in my personal life I would like to become a mother one day.

Guyana - Jasoda Ramlagan

Being apart of the Miss Princess of the World gives us young women a chance voice our opinions and makes us strong, independent that we are today to embrace ourselves and to encourage other young women of the world to do the same.

Portugal - Priscila Silva Alves

The fact of being surrounded with women from all over the world is very interesting in my opinion. We all gonna “fight” for the tittle, of course! But first of all this is life-changing experience that can help us to achieve academic and professional success.
I hope that all the contestants can understand the value of empowering woman - this is actually my real role in life: a successful and empowering woman.

Slovakia - Barbora Fakundinyová

In my opinion, THE WOMAN has one the most important role in her life. Raise kids and give them love and support. That´s how I imagine my journey.

Ukraine - Kateryna Kachashvili

A woman plays a big role in this world, she personifies nobility and morality. The world just couldn't exist without women and there would be no possibility of procreation. Therefore, I would like to create a happy family, create harmony in my home, be a good mother and become an example for my children. But also in the modern world, women have the same rights as men, so I would like to make a career and become a successful lawyer.

SUBSTITUTES of Miss Princess of the World® 2019:  

Estonia - Viktoria Skljarova

I believe that the most highest and inportant title for woman to have is a role of being a Mother. Of course, there are plenty of women out there, who do not want to have kids, or, unfortunately, cannot have them, but I am talking from my own perspective and values, hence I feel that being a Mother is the most blissful thing that could happen to Woman.

Malta - Bernadette Bajada

Competing in a miss contest with a lot of women its a challenge and fun at the same time because everyone knows that a woman herself can be strong and on the other hand can be weak so, its our chance to help each other to be strong and to send a message that everyone is equal and everyone can do it. As Bernadette Bajada my role will definitely be that from my past experiences, from all the situation that iv been , i want to help my friends and family to be strong and to be ready for any task in life.