Fiery Zorro and the Czech Carmen at the castle Nový hrad Jimlín


After the Cremony shot at the gate, 42 world princesses walked into the first courtyard of the baroque castle  Nový hrad in Jimlín, where the castle nobility were waiting for them in historical costumes. Also a splendid program, which exceeded all expectations of all viewers, could begin.

The girls got on the road to the last part of their promotion program outsider of Prague, on Wednesday. The official partner of the world project Miss princess of the World, Ústecký region, who provided the auspice of the  event this year, had ready event after event for the finalists during the day. The festive evening and the welcome by the major of the region Mrs. Jana Vaňhová, was a magnifiscent closing of the presentation of this interesting  region.

A breathtaking fire show, rythmic historic music, belly dancers and an intriguiging fight of gladiators, were ready to entertain the princesses and everyone present. The viewers watched the show with enthusiasm and sometimes even had to hold their breath.