Fashion show for a good cause!


As happiness and sadness cross pathways in real life, they did cross pathways at the huge fashion show of Jiřina Tauchmanová, held for the Cancer as a public thing foundation. The music theatre in Karlín hosted, together with Jiřina Tauchmanová an eye bolwing show on Tuesday October 19th, 2010. The profit from the show was donated to the Cancer as a public thing foundation fot the research of cancer.

Worlds flew in the most natural way about cancer in the shine of lights accompanied by the glow of the beautiful gowns. In this magical environment it seemed almost natural to speak about the mortal disease. Fact, which is of big importance in order to perceive this disease as a reality rather than a ghost, fom which we keep hiding. Furthermore, the more aware we become of this disease, the better we can be prepared in case this disease happens. And a brave fight is the essencial quality to head towards a successful healing. No one could doubt this fact through the convincing worlds of the moderator of the evening Jan Musil, who was not alone on stage, but was accompanied by the beautiful Tereza Kostková, dressed in a stunning yellow gown by Jiřina Tauchmanová.

Throughout the evening, which was held in an informal and familiar atmosphere, words of wisdom, seriousness and hapiness could be heard. It is not just a casuality, that between the models on the runway could be seen Vlaďka Erbová, who is the official face of the Cancer as a public thig foundation.

Eliška Bučková, Jitka Válková, together with the men of the year 2010 Jan Hájek and the second runner up for men of the year 2010 Jan Karas were just some of the many people, who attended this event in order to support such an important cause. The sum of 203. 018 CZK were obtained ad donated to the foundation on the same evening.

The talented work of Jiřina Tauchmanová, front czech designer, can be frecuently seen during the final gala evenings of Miss Princess of the World. Whoever who thought of her as just a wedding dresses and gowns designer could see proof, at her show, of the diversity and extension of her work and creativity. In a bradway like musical atmosphere the viewers could firstly see a casual collection, for daily. The symphatetic thing about todays fashion is, furthermore in the hands of Jiřina Tauchmanová, the fact that, it is entirely up to the person wearing it, to decide on which ocassion or opportunity will be the certain outfit worn.

Not only astonishing blouses, coats and jackets have the enormous ability to grow inside the fantasy of each women into an urepeatable outfit either of a sporty or more elegant nature. These changes in style are supported not only by great quality of materials and great accessories. Furthermore the models wore leather gloves from the NAPA company in Dobříš and shoes were provided by Baťa.

As far as material goes, embrodied brocades by Kolowrat, is targeted not only for elegant occasions, to which it gives the perferct amount of elegance, but also for jackets with more sporty accents. Blouses and also man shirts are made from soft materials from the traditional czech manufacturer Milet Hořic. „It is the premiere night fot the man shirt’s collection tonight“ said Jiřina Tauchmanová with non hidden happiness. „Men have the chance of getting the shirt of their dreams in what concerns design, material and never the less the fakt of a perfect fit. And as I know womand I can say that they will be very happy about this collection, too.“


The small and big elegant collection offered more than a heart could wish for. From decent colorfulness to shiny colours and materials. No lady could leave the evening with the thought that they would not fina a suitable outfit for themselves. The variety of silhouettes, with either remarking or hiding sifferent parts, gives a chance to all.

This fact applies also to the decoration of the gowns- the collection offers smooth materials as also richly decorated outfits. Apart from brocade we could also see traditional materials as sil and tyl. The complete feeling a women arises at an event, depends not only of the outfit she is wearing, but also on the coordinated men she has by her side. Man suits from the Koutný company stand out because of the use of very good quality of material and its use and as now is traditional they are always to be seen by the side of long and short gowns of Jiřina Tauchmanová.

The peak of the evening came with the collection of wedding dresses, which inclined towards woman and girls who look for simple, but very classic and femenine style. We also saw brocade jackets and gowns in satin which almost requires to attend a ball.

 For the romantics the most astonishing dress was one with a wide tyl skirt accompanied by a minimalistic embrodied corset. All wedding dresses and gowns were finished to perfection together with astonishing accessories and jewellery, once more from the hands of Jiřina Tauchmanová.

Impressions stayed, as the roundabout of creativity and invention goes on, while the courtain is going down. Fashion afficionates have a great deal to wait for. Such a huge fashion show would, of course, not be possible without the generous contribution of partners, to whom we would like to thank. A special thank you also goes to the foundation Tegmento.