A day in the spirit of history and beer


Klášterc nad Ohří is a jewel that constitutes the gateway into the Krušné hory mountains and at the same time is an official partner of the international contest Miss Princess of the World. The finalists were welcomed in this beautiful city with a rose by the vice-major Ing. Stanislav Stehlík who invited them, at the same time, to take a small tour of
the castle. „We are glad to be hosting the princesses of such a prestigious international contest, it is an honour for us. On the other hand, it is important for us the presentation of a beautiful city, were we try to combine the historici and industrial load, with a transition to tourism and wellness.“

Another place the girls visited in this sunny city was the spa Evženie. The girls tried 3 types of healing waters. The
springs: Klášterský, Městský or the spring Evženie. As we found out, in this city we can spend a nice holiday, furthermore a healing stay, which is payed bythe insurance.

We were invited for a small refreshment and treats by the director of the wellness spa Ing. Josef Kolařík. In the newly reconstructed building, were we can find healing procedures, wellness, massages and also beautiful rooms to stay in. The girls could relax while having delicious coffees and cakes while they could observe the beautiful spaces of the spa.

„It was my pleasure to have the finalists of Miss Princess of the World in our spa Evženie and I hope that they accept my invitation to come to the spa and to taste the mineral springs in the future“, said the director Kolařík, while saying goodbye to the finalists. All girls received the exquisite spa cookies as a gift.