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Login girls in the WORLD FINAL CEREMONY 2017 officially ends August 11, 2017.

Miss Princess of the World 2017 starts finals of this year, which will culminate of event WORLD FINAL CEREMONY 2017 on the new luxury cruise MSC Meraviglia (29.9 – 6.10.2017).

The important news of this year's competition is the possibility of log in girls from other countries where it is not currently licensed National organizer through QUALIFICATION directly the official website of the competition.



Girls who want to become Miss Princess of the World 2017 got crown and participate in this year's world finals on the new luxury cruise ship MSC Meraviglia may be sign up from April 15, 2017 to July 1, 2017 to QUALIFICATION Miss Princess of the World 2017.

The competing girls must be 16-26 years old, single, childless, with a minimum height of 172-175 cm, prefer experience in MISS contests or modeling, communicative English and international experience. The girls can be sign up their modeling agencies or miss agencies, the application can be sent via the official website of the competition.

Qualification is for girls from countries where it is not licensed National Organizer and where it does not organize a national selection for MISS PRINCESS OF THE WORLD.



The girl, who fulfills the participation conditions, completely fills out a form APPLICATION TO QUALIFICATION via official websites of the Central organizer.

Representatives of the central organizer then verifies the requested data and by e-mail girl confirmed her participation in qualification and send the necessary documents to fill out.

Girls who meet all prerequisites are invited by the Central Organiser to fill in all of the necessary documents, sign a contract, and pay a participation fee of EUR 100.

Girls who fulfill all the criteria are classified into the selection of superfinalists with jury via videoconference.

The selection will take place from 01.06.-31.07.2017. Then the results will be officially published (August 11, 2017) and selected superfinalists to participate in the event WORLD FINAL CEREMONY 2017 on the new luxury cruise MSC Meraviglia (29.9. – 6.10.2017).  



Countries that have licensed National Organizer, send girls directly to the final part according to the contract with the National organizer.

(max. 2MB)
(max. 2MB)
(max. 2MB)

Conditions for participation at the contest’s World final:

  1. The contest is open only to competitors who have been selected as finalists (or in the event of their inability to physically participate in the contest, their substitute) to participate in the contest by a National Organiser, Ambassador of the contest, or by National Partners, or after participation in QUALIFICATION and selection by the Central Organiser.
  2. The condition for the Finalist to participate in the contest is to submit a contest application duly and on time, to deliver all documents required by the Central organizer and to sign the contract of the participation in the contest with the Central organizer (in case of a minor finalist there is required a signature of the contract by her legal representative).
  3. The Competing girl (the Finalist or  Substitute) has to fill the following basic conditions and criteria to take part in the contest:
    • is female
    • is 16 years old but she hasn’t reached 26 years of age to the date of January 1st, 2017
    • is single and childless
    • has got the citizenship of the country for which she applies to represent at the contest
    • her recommended height is as a minimum 172-175 cms, she should have a symmetric proportionate figure
    • has a good health condition
    • has finished her grammar education
    • knows at a good level the one of official world languages and further she knows English at least at the communicative level (the English language is communicative language of the Contest's production)
    • can work with PC and internet
    • she was delegated as the Finalist (eventually as a Substitute) for participation on the Contest on by the National organizer, Contest’s Ambassador or by National Partner or passed the QUALIFICATION round with the Central Organiser
    • she didn´t participate as a winner of the final in none of previous editions of the Contest
    • is without rebuke (it means she has never been lawfully convicted for the crime and there is not conducted nor has been started a criminal procedure against her)
    • there is no existing a record or any materials where could her person, name, portrait or any visual, sound or similar record could be put in connection with producing erotic, pornographic materials, prostitution exercising or any other activity which is in conflict with valid legal enactment or propriety rules especially she has never accepted a role in an erotic or pornographic movie and she didn´t shoot any erotic or pornographic acts. 
    • there are no limitations that should inhibit her in the participation on the Contest
  4. The central organizer can refuse or suspend the competing girl from the contest without any right for damage compensation, which can be done anytime during the contest. The central organizer is authorized to do it, without giving any reason especially (but not only) if he finds out incorrectness or falsity of this contract or if the girl won´t fill basic premises of the contest. The central organizer decides exclusively about the correct filling of premises of the competing girl and there is no possible appeal towards his decision.

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